About Us  

The Next Branch is an impact venture capital firm working under the assumption that humans basically think like monkeys - we will readily let go of a tree branch, but not before we find a new branch to grab.


We find the most effective way to revolutionize is by offering superior alternatives to our species' harmful habits and practices. 


We are here to grow the next and better branches for humanity to hold on to.

The Next Branch seeks to make a positive impact mainly on animal lives, the environment and human health.  

The Next Branch is focused on two main fields of innovation - Good Food and Human-Relevant Research. Both of these fast growing sectors have a profound impact on animal lives, human health and the environment. In fact, they represent two major economic and moral revolutions - the Vegan Revolution, set out to replace the harmful consumption of animal-based foods; and the Human-Relevant Revolution, representing an unprecedented paradigm shift in life science research and drug development. 

Human-Relevant Research


Human-relevant alternatives to the use of animals in medical, basic and cosmetic research and in surgical and educational training.

Good Food


Innovative moral, tasty, cost-efficient, sustainable and healthy replacements to animal-based foods.





We invest in diverse technologies, stages and geographies. We select ventures that can show a measurable impact, mainly on animal lives, have a solid business model and a reasonable time to market.

In addition to funding, The Next Branch provides business guidance and support through all the stages of a fresh startup - intellectual property management, market analysis, strategy, business planning, branding and marketing.


Tehilla Bar Yehuda
Managing Partner
Inbal Tal
shlomi_photo (1).jpg
Shlomi Dvir
Tech Analyst

Advisory Board 

Ezer Tzoref
Dr. Nitza Kardish
Dr. Zeev Gilkis


Israeli vgan-tech companies